Flay appears with a white summer piece and shows off her body

Isis Valverde was one of the many celebrities who also entered the world of trends on social networks. On her Instagram account, the artist showed good shape by showing all her roll in an unusual position.

In the video in question, the actress appears with her feet on the wall, while rolling a lot. In another position, she appears on her back displaying all her waddle. Saving a lot in the caption, the famous used only a few emojis.



Fans and followers of the actress left a message through the comment box. “Too beautiful,” wrote one netizen. “My heart goes out”, drooled a young man. “His humor, his joy and his charisma are contagious,” praised one user. “Perfection of my life,” wrote one fan.

Check out Isis Valverde’s post on social media:

barred in restaurant

Recently, Isis Valverde went through a delicate situation while traveling to the United States with her friends. In her social networks, the actress said that she decided to go to a restaurant and was prevented from entering the establishment.

The actress said that they prevented her from entering the place due to her clothing at the time. At the time, the celebrity wore a pair of ripped and baggy jeans.

“I arrived at the restaurant, my friends and I, the guy looked at our clothes and said that we couldn’t go in, because I was wearing baggy jeans and that my jeans were ripped,” she said.

“I wasn’t wearing high heels, tight pants or a gala dress, the woman wouldn’t let us in, the guy wouldn’t let us in”, she reported.

Very upset with the situation, Isis said that she was mistreated by the restaurant staff: “It was super rude, we were starving, just got back from a trip. It was horrible, I felt terrible. I didn’t believe it,” she said.

clarified rumors

At the beginning of the year, Isis Valverde decided to deny some rumors about the end of her marriage with André Rezende. At the time, rumors were emerging that she ended her marriage in order to pursue an international career.

In a conversation with Jornal Extra, the famous said that the end of her relationship happened due to natural wear and tear.

“I just wanted to clarify that these rumors about the end of my marriage are unfounded. What happened was a natural wear and tear, as happens in many relationships. And the two are very close. There was no fight and shack,” she explained.

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