Isis Valverde strikes an engaging pose and leaves her curves on display

Isis Valverde didn’t skimp on beauty and sensuality by sharing a new photo on his Instagram this week. On record, the 35-year-old actress appears all full and topless in an engaging pose.

On the occasion, the famous dispensed with the use of a top and covered her intimate parts with one of her arms, showing her powerful curves and some tattoos. In the image, she appears kneeling on a wooden bench.

A woman of spectacular beauty, Isis Valverde attracted looks and was surrounded by hundreds of praise and fervent messages. of your followers. “Aff what a Goddess”, “Wonderful Muse”, “What a perfect woman”, “Beautiful from head to toe”, “Simply beautiful”, “A knockout as always”were some reactions.

Check out the photo of Isis Valverde on Instagram:

Isis Valverde’s Marriage End

In February of this year, Isis Valverde announced the end of her marriage to model André Resende. The couple had been together since 2016 and are parents to Rael. The announcement of the end was confirmed by the actress’s advice to Quem.

“The relationship that ends now leaves friendship and respect as a result, as well as a beautiful and loving son. Throughout their history, they have always been able to count on the media’s respect for the boundaries that separate public and private life. So at this point, they would like to continue to rely on that understanding, especially as this is a sensitive time and having a child involved.” informed.

After this, Isis Valverde returned to talk about the breakup on her social networks and also in interviews. “When a love transforms and a relationship ends, it doesn’t mean that relationship didn’t work out. Love continues, but in another way, as does respect. And in the name of respect and transparency, I would like to tell you that André and I, after six years, decided to go our separate ways”she wrote on her Instagram.

“We will always continue to be a part of each other’s lives, especially as we have a greater love in common: Rael. He will always be our priority. Thank you for everyone’s understanding”declared the actress.

For ELA magazine, Isis Valverde commented that the end of a relationship shouldn’t mean that it didn’t work out. “I think we still have this idea that a relationship that ends didn’t work out. Of course it worked, but feelings can change. No problem with that”he explained.

“For me it is important that we can pursue our happiness, and I will continue to believe in that. Every end brings the possibility of a fresh start: whether in love, in life, at work. I don’t think we can accommodate out of fear.”highlighted the artist.

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