It all starts here: who is Kevin Dias, the hot new actor in the cast?

Kévin DIas will soon take his first steps in the series Here it all begins. Who is the young actor who will soon join the daily soap opera team?

For fans of French series, the face of Kevin Dias is already familiar. The young actor, father of a 3-year-old boyis best known for his role in the eponymous series Satin which he played the eldest son of the wacky professor, first played by Mathilde Seigner, then by Natacha Lindinger.

Kévin Dias spotted in “The fabulous destiny of Amélie Poulain”

Kévin Dias is a regular on film sets. From the earliest age, he has multiplied appearances in advertisements, or French series as Josephine Guardian Angel. When he was only ten years old, Kévin Dias even got a role in The Fabulous Destiny of Amélie Poulain, of which he has excellent memories: “It was a great experience. And this is what gave me a taste for cinema and series. It was a little bit the trigger of everything for me”he confided in an interview with Allociné.

It’s in season 2 ofEmily In Paris that Kévin Dias was seen more recently. The actor played a street musician in a relationship with one of the main character’s friends. The next step for Kévin Dias will be to join the cast ofHere it all startsand blend into the surrounding decor of the Auguste Armand Institute.

Kévin Dias will be Tony in “Here everything begins”

It’s at The River Table that Tony will officiate. According to the press release issued by TF1the character played by Kevin Dias is “someone positive and funny, who enjoys life to the fullest”. If he was recruited by Solal (Benjamin Douba-Paris) to ensure the restaurant’s deliveries, Tony did not land in the salt marshes by chance. It seems that he already knows one of the residents of the cooking school: “In reality, he is looking to reconnect with a person who lives at the Institute”had communicated the chain.

The purist experts of French reality TV will also recognize the face of Kevin Dias. In 2011, the young actor was one of the participants of Square ViiiP, a reality show, which had been canceled ten days after its start. It is in this program that Kévin Dias met Aurélie Dotremont, who made terrible confidences about her bulimia. The comedian and the reality TV candidate had a brief romantic relationship during this period.


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