It starts today: very "impacted"  by the testimonies, Faustine Bollaert is followed by a shrink

Invited on the set of Quelle epoque this Saturday, November 19, Faustine Bollaert confided at length on her feelings in the face of the overwhelming testimonies received on It starts today.

Very appreciated for her attentiveness and her professionalism in her program It starts todayFaustine Bollaert is in truth like everyone else, and, although she does not show it on the set, remains very sensitive in the face of the testimonies of his guests.

During the show what time this Saturday, November 19, the host confided in an open heart about her feelings in the face of harrowing testimonies that she can hear in her work. Obviously, these have repercussions on her, but no one really knows: “I feel like I deeply feel them people. […] I always thought it was a little strange, when I’m in front of someone I immediately feel if they’re fine, not well and it is true that I listen. So indeed even the tone of voice, the intonation, the downcast eyes, I’m very receptive to that, and that’s exactly where I’m going to dig”she first explained.

Faustine Bollart “I need a fairly frank break”

When Léa Salamé then asked her how does she manage not to be herself “impacted”the host then replied: “I’m impacted, of course!”before continuing: “I have a shrink, good like everyone else, fine not like everyone else but like many people in our profession. […] I think that I need to be supported, because me on this show, people don’t care how I get this information. Me there are things that echo my own life but I’m not going to stop people by saying ‘yes, me too, my daughter, I’m worried about that’, nobody cares. So necessarily I need behind to tell me a little bit to free myselfto exorcise certain things.” she said.

Léa Salamé went on to talk about Frédéric Lopez who wished “to make a break” because it affected him too much. She then asked him if it could happen to him: “Of course! It impacts me. […] Maybe that’s what I wasn’t doing the first year when I realized that I kept a lot of contact with people on the networksI wanted to have the result of the health examination, did she get pregnant or not.” When Léa Salamé then asked her if she no longer did it, Faustine replied: “If I do, rather they come to me, but it’s true, once I’ve had a show that upset me a lot, I come back to my dressing room, and I need a fairly clean break.

Finally, Léa Salamé asked her about what she was doing in those moments. Faustine was once again sincere and surprising in her response: Extremely down to earth thingsthat is to say that I can call to make an appointment with the dentist for my son, I can buy myself a clothes on the internet, I also have a lot of cynicism in my dressing room. I need to distance what I just heard.

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