It's hard to resist Sister Act [critique]

At the end of 1992, Première was full of praise for Whoopi Goldberg.

Sister Act 30 years old! In December 1992, Jean-Paul Chaillait wrote in his review all the good things he thought of Whoopi Goldberg. On the same page, his friend Alain Bouzy appreciated another American film released in parallel and which has become just as cult: Bodyguard. It’s time for flashbacks…

The story of Sister Act : A young woman, witness to a murder, joins a convent to protect herself. She will then give new impetus to the religious establishment, notably inviting the nuns to a musical re-orchestration of their songs.

The criticism of First : “It is good to know that Sister Act is filmed flush with the daisies, it is difficult to resist this crazy story thanks to the relaxing energy of Whoppi Goldberg. (…) The address of Emile Ardolino (director of dirty dancing) is to have given the beautiful role to Whoopi Goldberg. After Ghostfor which she won an Oscar, soap dish and The Player, so Goldberg seems to favor comedic roles. His slaughter remains impressive. No wonder then that after the huge success of the film, Sister Act 2 is already in preparation.”

Whoopi Goldberg is writing her own superhero movie

A year later, therefore, Sister Act 2 was already on the screens. And if it did not market as well as its elder at the box office, the film subsequently became just as popular as it did. In particular thanks to the presence of a certain Lauryn Hill, who became a star a few years later when she joined the Fugees, then solo, for example thanks to her hits “Killing Me Softly” Where “Doo Woop (That Thing)”.

Sister Act 2: The film that popularized Lauryn Hill

30 years later, it’s still abouta Sister Act 3, which would once again be worn by Whoopi Goldberg. Written by Eye Madhuri Shekar and Tyler Perry, and with unreleased songs still composed by Marc Shaiman, it must be released directly on Disney+. Note that the actress is also preparing her own super hero movie.

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