Ivete Sangalo wins show at Globo on her 50th birthday

The singer Ivete Sangalo is living a special month. She will be 50 years old on the 27th of May and will receive a gift, which will also cheer up the fans: a more than special show at Globe. The broadcaster and the artist announced that she will sing directly from Juazeiro, in Bahia, the city where she was born.

The show in question will air on her birthday and the social networks of Ivete and the carioca broadcaster made the announcement. “The celebration of millions! @ivetesangalo will celebrate his birthday and sent to let you know that the party will happen in style on our screen! A historic show on the 27th here at Glô! #Ivete50″, said a post shared on profiles.

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Denied substance use

Recently, Ivete Sangalo did a live alongside her husband, the nutritionist Daniel Cady. At the time, she denied the rumors that she uses some substances to have more energy during her performances on stage.

“My physical and emotional energy determine everything I am. What I want? I want to have that energy. I want people, when they watch me on the show, to say, ‘Boy, that woman…’ In fact, there have been several moments when people doubted. Few people, at very specific moments, doubted my physical energy. ‘Did she have anything to do with drugs? Does she take things to get on stage?’“, asked the famous.

Ivete then explains: “And, in fact, my movement is a collection of habits that generate this energy that I find sensational.. And also my relationship with my children, my patience (…) I think that when you nourish yourself, take care of yourself, you have more to give to yourself, to those you love…”, he said.


At another time, Ivete Sangalo talked about being a healthy person, but said that changes happen in the body over the years. As an example, she cited the changes in her legs.

People say: ‘Ivete, I want to keep your legs!’ My legs have always been beautiful, but they are flabby. Because there’s no way. For what they were… No problem. The tendency is that my legs do not have the same tone they had ten years ago (…) But the most important thing is that, with tone or without tone, there is a relationship with physical activity, with work, with the desire to have energy, to be the best version of me”, he concluded.

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