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iza drew attention with the photos she shared on her Instagram profile when announcing the star of another season of The Voice Brasil. The judge of the program Globe appeared with a daring look for the occasion.

In the images, the pop artist appears wearing a tight-fitting bodysuit and a transparent skirt, highlighting the curves of her body. In one of the photos, where she is on her back, the famous left her butt on display in the minimal panties that were part of the piece.



The outfit was a hit with fans on her Instagram with over 16 million followers. 🇧🇷I missed the looks for The Voice!”praised a🇧🇷 “Doesn’t this woman get tired of being hot?”, wrote another user.

Despite having received numerous accolades, some netizens criticized the way the celebrity chose to dress. For some, the famous exaggerated and should have exposed her body less.

“My love, you don’t need to expose your body, you are beautiful. I think for the type of show you should wear a more well-behaved outfit. And that fringe is not cool. Sorry!!!”, commented a follower. “Iza is beautiful and has a lot of talent, there is no need for that costume”, said another.

Iza talks about the end of her marriage to Sérgio Santos

Always discreet in her personal life, Iza aroused people’s curiosity by announcing the end of her marriage to Sérgio Santos. When participating in the podcast Quem Pode, Pod, live in a chat with Giovanna Ewbank and Fernanda Paes Leme, the singer denied that she had made the EP Três with lyrics about her relationship with her ex-husband. She also gave details of the end of the four-year relationship.

To put an end to rumors, the artist said that people may even think that one message has to do with another, however, the separation actually came after life’s mismatches. According to the artist, in her marriage she lived the happiest years of her life and was grateful for this and the time she shared with her ex.

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Despite communicating with fans,. Iza stressed that she prefers not to delve into this matter because it involves Sérgio. As a form of respect to the producer who he believes is an incredible person and whom he admires. The famous completed saying that he does not want to be discreet or mess with the life of the boy and other people around.

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