James Bond star Daniel Craig really wanted his 007 to die and these are the 2 reasons

James Bond 007 – No Time To Die did the unthinkable. The film’s makers let James Bond die, as did actor Daniel Craig

was. In an interview, he reveals which is why the British agent was not allowed to survive.

007 actor Daniel Craig: There were two reasons for James Bond’s death

Opposite of Los Angeles Times he said:

[Die Figur starb] on the one hand for me and on the other hand for the franchise. I said to the producers, “You guys have to start over. So let’s kill my bond and find another one who has a new story. Who’s more like 23 or 25 or 30.”

But Craig also had to personally distance yourself from the character.

The other reason was that it just allowed me to move on. I do not want to go back. I should maybe be thankful if me [die James Bond-Macher] ask back. But I just have to get away from it.

Daniel Craig has played Bond a total of five times since James Bond 007 – Casino Royale and wanted out of the franchise long before No Time To Die (via USAToday ). Since his departure, the producers of the series have been in the process of charting a new direction for the 007 saga.

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