James Cameron recounts the origins of Avatar, between dream, crazy ambition and outbursts of anger

“I have my own streaming service (in my head), and it’s better than all the crap out there right now.”

QG publishes a long portrait of james cameronthis week, pending the release of The Way of the Waterfollowing his enormous success, Avatar. The screenwriter, director and producer explains the enormous ambitions of this sequel, which he designed as a transitional episode, planning no less than five films to build his saga. The filmmaker and his teams have once again pushed the limits of new technologies by filming a large part of this story underwater in performance capture. He thus asserts thatAvatar 2 was a production “really expensive” and that it will have to pass the bar of 2 billion dollars in revenue worldwide for Disney to consider it profitable.

Avatar told by James Cameron in Premiere [partie 1]

A huge challenge, therefore, especially at a time when the 7th art is struggling and streaming services are becoming more and more important in the cinematographic landscape. Cameron also recalls thatAvatar already represented a significant challenge, and that even among its producers, some did not believe in it. He first says that he had the idea for the film in a dream, and he takes the opportunity to once again criticize the platforms “I have my own streaming service (in my head), and it’s better than all the crap out there right now. It runs every night for free.” After this small tackle, he details having had a big anger against one of the bosses of Fox, in 2009, because he did not like his version ofAvatar of 162 minutes. The man, whom he does not quote but who was influential within the studio, would have complained about the too long duration of the film, he explains.

“He came in with one of these expressions, like he was going to tell me I had cancer. After his negative review, I told him something that I had never told anyone in this business before: ‘I think this movie is going to make all the fucking money. And when he does, it’ll be too late for you to like the movie. It is today that you must love him. I’m not asking you to tell me something you don’t feel, just know that I’ll have that in mind when you come to pay me compliments in the future, when he collects all the money.’ That’s exactly what I threw at him. ‘ALL THE CASH’, In capital letters. Not fair ‘money’Nope ‘everything’ the money. I made it clear: ‘You can’t come back to me to say nice things about this movie or say to me: ‘Look what we created together.’ You won’t have the right to do that.’ After a while, he freaked out and started insulting me. I asked him to get the hell out of office and that’s how he left.”

Avatar told by James Cameron in Premiere [partie 2]

Known for his short temper on set, Cameron adds he’s calmer now than when he was on the first. Avatar : “I know that at the start of my career I had this reputation, and that it even sometimes worked in my favour. It had become like a quality ‘bigger than life’à la Paul Bunyan (an exaggeratedly imposing woodcutter from American folklore, editor’s note). But after a while, I asked myself and wondered: ‘Okay, why does this make me so angry? How can I solve this problem calmly?’ I’m not saying that I don’t get angry anymore. I think everyone can have their bad days, but before it could happen every fortnight, now it’s more like twice a year.”

Here is the final trailer forAvatar 2which will be released on December 16 at the cinema:

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