Janin Reinhardt and Kostja Ullmann have been married to each other since 2016.

Janin Ullmann became known as a moderator at VIVA-“Interaktiv”. In August 2016 she married her longtime boyfriend Kostja Ullmann. A few years later, the sad news: the couple separated after twelve years together.

Janin Reinhardt has become widely known as a Viva presenter.
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Janin Reinhardt started her television career as a presenter at the music channel VIVA. The new job in 2000 came as a complete surprise to the then 18-year-old. She had taken part in a moderator casting for the program “Interaktiv” and prevailed against her opponents. After initially being used as a co-host, the TV station decided to take her on. In addition to “Interaktiv”, she also presented “Film ab” and “Inside” until 2005.

Janin Ullmann: Your successes and films to date

Since then, however, a lot has happened and the presenter, who was born in Erfurt in 1981, is now also a successful actress. Since 2003 she has appeared regularly in television films, cinema films and television series. From 2006 to 2007 she was seen in the ProSieben telenovela “Lotta in Love”, in which she played a double role. There she not only played the main role of Lotta, but also her twin sister Alex.

She was also seen in the Sat.1 series “Verliebt in Berlin”, in the feature film “Honig im Kopf” (2014) or in “The Bees – Deadly Threat” (2008), in which she got the lead role had. In addition to acting, she was and is still active as a presenter. In 2016 she moderated “Lieb & Teuer” and the “Kulturjournal” on NDR and was a sidekick on “Extra3”.

Janin Ullmann private: She married her boyfriend Kostja Ullmann

Completely new paths Janine Ullman in the ProSieben show “Deutschland tanzt”, in which she started for her home state of Thuringia. She has her second home at the side of her husband Kostja Ullmann found in Hamburg, where the now separated couple lived together. After eight years of relationship, the two said yes in August 2016.

Janin Ullmann: separation from husband Kostja after 12 years

But the love of the former dream couple has now broken: shortly before Christmas 2018, Kostja and Janin Ullmann announced their separation via Instagram. “Guys, we broke up. We can deal with it, hopefully you too,” was the sober announcement of the actress and presenter on social media. Twelve years of happy love are a thing of the past.

Janin Ullmann private: Does the TV star have a friend again?

But Janin Ullmann wants to fall in love again. It is currently not known if she has a new boyfriend. For this she betrayed the RTL interviewwhat she longs for: “I would like to be a mommy”.

Janin Ullmann: Versatile and successful as a dance ace and moderator

The smart blonde returned to her roots at the dance show. “I used to start dancing at the age of four and then danced ballet for a few years until I was 12, because that was where I actually wanted to go,” she explains to the TV station “ProSieben”. For health reasons, nothing came of the dreamed-of ballet career.

Janin Ullmann as a candidate for “Let’s Dance” 2022

After the detour into the world of dance sport, Janin Ullmann is now back in the saddle as a presenter. Together with her Pro-Sieben colleague Christian Düren, the blonde, who celebrated her 37th birthday in November, moderates the new show “Time Battle – fight for your time!”. Previously, Janin Ullmann was the moderator for “Das Ding des Jahres” and “red.Style”.

In 2022 she also dares to “let’s dance“on the dance floor – the multi-talented blonde will certainly not be bored! You can find out what Janin Ullmann now thinks about her acting career and what she would never reveal on social media here.

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