jason david frank power rangers

After a series of rumors that emerged on social networks this weekend, the death of Jason David Frank, who played Tommy Oliver in the franchise of the Power Rangers.

power Rangers: Report the death of Jason David Frank, famous Tommy actor

The interpreter, who he was 49 years old, had four children and recently had to go through a divorce.

Although the cause of death has not been officially revealed, death was confirmed by Walter E Jones. Who participated in the first season of the popular series, along with a friend of Jason David Frank, coach Mike Bronzoulis.

Instagram: walterejones

The actor left a television legacy that also includes other productions. Like the first seasons of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Where he gained popularity for his role as Tommy, a young student who he falls into Rita Repulsa’s networks and ends up becoming the Green Ranger.

Also, due to the popularity of Jason David Frank, and the way he marked the history of the Power Rangers, the news of his passing was received with sadness. Mainly for the social media fans, who mourned the death and highlighted their impact by the news.

jason david frank power rangers
Facebook: Mike Bronzoulis

And because of the popularity of the character he played, and was the protagonist of the series in the following seasons of power Rangers. Such as Power Rangers Zeo Y Power Rangers Turbo.

Nevertheless, in the latter he left in 1997, also leaving the role of White Ranger. As well as the one of Zeo Red Ranger and the Turbo Red Ranger.

Then, after a couple of years away from the franchise, Jason David Frank had a special appearance in a commemorative chapter of Power Rangers Wild Force. Which premiered in 2002 and then made its constant return in Power Rangers: Dino Thunder of the year 2004.

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