JCE presents Conscious Vote and Citizen Responsibility program

Villa Tapia, Mirabal Sisters. – The Central Electoral Board (JCE), presented this Wednesday the program “Conscientious Voting and Citizen Responsibility”, during an act held at the Dr. Miguel Canela Lázaro Scientific Lyceum in the Hermanas Mirabal province.

The project is presented through its National School of Electoral Training and Civil Status (EFEC), and the president of the JCE, Román Andrés Jáquez Liranzo, explained that the objective of the project is to integrate youth in electoral processes through through a training and integration program with students, especially those who are of legal age for the next elections in 2024.

“The fundamental purpose is to motivate these young people to be part of the electoral colleges of the different municipalities and municipal districts as president, secretary, first member, second member and their substitutions,” he explained.

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In addition, he said that he intends to socialize the current regulations, the electoral scenario that would be presented for the upcoming elections, build early citizenship and promote participatory democracy and conscious voting.

Jáquez Liranzo indicated that the project, which is an initiative of Justice Dolores Fernández Sánchez, also seeks to make young people aware of the importance of suffrage for the strengthening of democracy.

Likewise, he reflected on the importance that the electoral debates appear expressly in the legislation, for which the JCE in its proposal suggests modifying article 172 of the current Electoral Regime Law so that it establishes the obligatory nature of the same for the presidential candidates.

«The conscious vote, the thematic vote… it is information, it is debate. The proposal of the Central Electoral Board was not and is not capricious. It is framed in the backbone of democracy,” said Jáquez Liranzo after reading a fragment of the Bogotá Superior Court ruling that orders a mandatory debate between the two presidential candidates within 48 hours.

about the act

Caterina Clemente, director of the educational center, stated that the institution she directs is proud that the JCE has allowed her to be pioneers in the voting initiative, which she described as a conquest through many struggles throughout history.

“The Hermanas Mirabal province, in history, is an example of the struggle and resistance for collective well-being; the cradle of the Butterflies, of the resistance against the dictatorship. It is important that you, young people, always remember where you come from », he expressed.

JCE presents Conscious Vote and Citizen Responsibility program

Katerine Hernández Gómez, provincial coordinator of the Conscious Vote and Responsible Citizenship, also spoke, who thanked the JCE for its efforts and high recognition by considering the Hermanas Mirabal high school and province as a starting point for the aforementioned initiative, which will strengthen the democratic vocation, especially in youth.

The president of the JCE was accompanied by the titular members of the Plenary Rafael Armando Vallejo Santelises, Dolores Altagracia Fernández, Patricia Lorenzo Paniagua, Samir Rafael Chami Isa, as well as Mario Eligio Núñez Valdez, national director of Elections and Manuel Ramón Peña, deputy director of Extension of the EFEC, among other personalities.

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