Jesuit Barbosa boyfriend

After rumors that pointed out that Jove de Pantanal would have returned with his ex, the actor was spotted on Leblon beach, in Rio de Janeiro, in the company of a new affair. Jesuíta Barbosa boyfriend is a young man from Rio Grande do Sul who has been living in the state capital since 2020.

Who is Jesuíta Barbosa’s boyfriend?

The boy with whom Jesuíta Barbosa was seen on the beach is Cícero Ibeiro. The young man is an art director, producer, photographer, surfer and still sews. Born in Porto Alegre, he moved to Rio de Janeiro two years ago to do his master’s and lives in the capital to this day.

The two have been in a romance since the end of April, when they met on a dating app aimed at the gay public, as reported by the Extra newspaper.

On his Instagram page, Cícero is followed by a little over 11,000 people, including Jesuit, who once in a while leaves a like on the photos of his beloved.

Cicero 1
Cícero ibeiro is the new affair of Jesuit Barbosa – photo: reproduction/instagram/@ciceroscope

In July, Jesuíta was seen in an atmosphere of romance with her ex-boyfriend, photographer Fábio Audi. The relationship is open, meaning both can be with other people. So far, neither of the two has confirmed the return of dating. The actor and the photographer dated for seven years before the interpreter of Jove put an end to the relationship last year, but would have resumed the relationship this year.

Audi is a photographer and actor, famous for having played the protagonist Gabriel in the short film Eu Não Quero Voltar Sozinho, in 2010, and for playing the same character in the film Hoje Eu Quero Voltar Sozinho, released eight years ago. He has also participated in other shorts such as Love Snaps (2016), Fever (2017) and I’ll Swim To You (2020).

The 34-year-old has also done television work. He acted in the telenovela Alto Astral, shown at 7 pm on Globo, in which he played the journalist Heitor.

He was last in the film Vou Nadar até Você (2019), which features names such as Bruna Marquezine and Dan Stulbach in the cast. Since then, he has dedicated himself to his photography studio, Estúdio Fabio Audi.

Jesuit Barbosa and boyfriend Fábio Audi – photo: reproduction/instagram/newspaper extra

And Alanis Guillen?

Rumors began to take over the internet earlier this year that Jesuíta Barbosa and Alanis Guillen, aka Juma from Pantanal, would have been involved during the backstage of the soap opera.

Both, who are openly bisexual, denied involvement in an interview with Fantástico in May. “We love each other, if we like it”, answered Jesuit. “Like beautiful partners, apprentices. But we don’t date,” Alanis said. “No. We flirt all the time,” added Jove’s interpreter.

However, the two shared a kiss in a video posted on social media in which the actors celebrated Alanis’ birthday. Jesuit appears giving the actress a kiss while he hands her a cake and sings happy birthday to her colleague along with her colleagues.

Barbosa even said in an interview that he was in a “very straight” phase after breaking up with Fábio Audi last year.

But the queue grew for the two protagonists of Pantanal. The actress was recently seen holding hands with artistic consultant Poli Pierrati and raised doubts as to whether she would be in a new relationship. To Quem, she said that the girl is just her friend.

Alanis has talked about her sexuality several times. The actress claims to be a “multiple woman” and that she relates to both sexes. Until now, at the age of 24, the Juma Marruá interpreter has never publicly assumed a relationship.

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