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Santiago. – Within the framework of a massive assembly, the vice president and political coordinator of the People’s Force, Radhamés Jiménez Peña, assured that, given the surprising growth exhibited by that organization in all corners of the country and abroad, the government party begins to show signs of despair.

These statements were released for the purposes of the statement issued by the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), where it affirms that the FP is violating the electoral law, with the placement of billboards in various parts of the country, where the affiliation process that it develops is promoted. the party led by Leonel Fernández.

“We are not violating any of the regulations of the electoral legal regime of the Dominican Republic, we are respectful of the laws and we have demonstrated this during these 3 years that our organization has been established; what is happening is that the PRM is showing high levels of nervousness and desperation, that is why its reaction and attack on the FP, said the political leader”.

He went on to say that “Fuerza del Pueblo, some time ago, began a broad affiliation and organization program and in this process it is throughout the national territory, on none of the billboards is any type of candidacy discussed or promoted, the The concern of the ruling party is due to the fact that today its possible presidential candidate is already placed in second place compared to comrade Leonel Fernández.

Jiménez Peña specified that, in Santiago, in the most recent opinion study carried out with a representative sample of 610, President Abinader has a voting intention of 33.1 percent and Leonel Fernández with 34.2 percent.

He added that the disappointment and frustration of the vast majority of the Dominican people as a consequence of the high cost of living, unemployment and crime sees comrade Leonel Fernández and the FP as their only hope.

The assembly was held at the Hotel Matum in this city of Santiago, Jiménez Peña was accompanied by the secretary of the FP, Antonio Florián, the members of the Political Directorate: José Izquierdo, Demóstenes Martínez, Altagracia González and Elías Serulle, as well as dozens of leaders and supporters of the opposition party.

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