Joaquin Phoenix: "We can put the Joker in all sauces.  In a musical, anywhere"

In 2019, the actor mentioned for Première the possibility of a sequel…

According to HollywoodReporterthe continuation of Joker will be a musical. An announcement variously received on the internet, where many fans of the first film find the idea rather absurd. And yet, Joaquin Phoenix in person suggested it in the columns of Première, in 2019, for the release of Todd Phillips’ first film.

Joaquin Phoenix: “The power of fascination of the Joker is endless”

Here is the passage from the interview where the actor mentioned the possibility of a sequel. He explained to us his desire to explore a totally different approach for a possible joker 2 :

First: If Joker is a success, they’re going to want you back for a second film, then a third… Are you ready?
Joaquin Phoenix: It will depend on the audience. It doesn’t worry me too much because I think the character’s power of fascination is endless. It can thrive in many different environments. A sequel generally seeks to replicate what worked in the first film, but with Joker, we could really go anywhere. To celebrate the end of filming, I took twenty classics from the history of cinema, I photoshopped the photo of the Joker on each of them and I gave it to Todd. Rosemary’s Baby, The Godfather, Let’s sing in the rain… It was a way of saying: we can put the Joker in all sauces. In a musical, anywhere, there is plenty to do. We can take it everywhere.

Joker 2: The Musical ?
(Laughs) And why not ?

– – –

We thought he was half-joking, but three years later, it’s no longer a joke. Musical comedy Joker: Madness for two is on the way, and it is Lady Gaga who could hold the role of Harley Quinn.

Joker 2: Lady Gaga in discussion for the role of Harley Quinn, the sequel will be a musical!

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