Super Mario and Luigi

“It’s a bit lame…” clashes the former Luigi from the 1993 film, who regrets the absence of colored actors to double Mario and Luigi.

The voice of Chris Pratt is definitely a lot to talk about. While he will be the next Mario of the animated film Super Mario Bros. the filmCharlie Day will do Luigi.

A cast that deeply disappoints John Leguizamo, who played the green plumber in the cult 1993 adaptation, alongside Bob Hoskins. In a recent interview with IndieWireLeguizamo first recalls that “many people like the original. I was recently at Comic Con in New York and Baltimore, and everyone is saying no to the new movie. They don’t smell new..”

Cinergi Pictures/Hollywood Pictures

Above all, John Leguizamo criticizes the choice of an all-white voice cast (Pratt and Day) to dub the two Italian-American plumbers. He feels that this is a step back, saying that at the time, producers “Annabel Jankel and Rocky Morton fought very hard for me to be the lead, for me to be Mario, because I was a Latino. But the studio didn’t want me to be the lead. They fought hard, and it was a great breakthrough that I could play Luigi. So go back and don’t cast another [acteur de couleur] is a bit lame…”

let’s remember that John Leguizamo is of Colombian origin and that Bob Hoskins, who died in 2014, was British.

The new movie Super Mario Bros. hits theaters on April 7.

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