Maitê Proença vents after breaking up with Adriana Calcanhotto: “We stumble”

Singer and presenter jojo todynho revealed that he is planning to undergo bariatric surgery. Her decision, which is not yet final, was revealed recently, shortly after her divorce.

Annoyed by the situation, she used her social networks to ensure that one thing has no connection with the other and explained herself. “It has nothing to do with breaking up, for God’s sake. I don’t know if you do this to test my patience or because you are laymen“, shot.



“People insisted: ‘Jojo, do a bariatric.’ I said: ‘If you are uncomfortable, do it yourself’. I was always aware that it needed to be at the right time and in the right way. My fat does not harm or offend anyone. The shape of my body does not change the granddaughter I am, the daughter I am, the friend I am“, continued Jojo.

She ended by explaining that she continues to train. “It’s a body, which will die and be left there for animals to eat. Mallet, I have my personal trainer, but I go at my pace”, ended.

Jojo Todynho spoke about the subject on TV

In participation in the program Sunday with Huck on Sunday night (20), Jojo Todynho decided to talk about the subject once again. She said she talked to Luciano Huck about it and explained that he must have the surgery, but explained that he will continue to fight against fatphobia.

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“You asked me here during the break if I was going to undergo the bariatric procedure, and I said that we are studying this. I will probably do. This will not reduce [minha] fight against gordophobia and any kind of prejudice🇧🇷 Prejudiced ones will not pass!”, she said, which was applauded.

Singer talks about racism

At another time, Jojo Todynho spoke about the struggle of the black people, in reference to Black Consciousness Day, celebrated precisely on November 20.

🇧🇷I’m not black only in November, I’m black all year round. I suffer prejudice all year round🇧🇷 So conscience has to be talked about every day. We want respect. That’s what I say to everyone, to the generation that comes now, my children, my grandchildren: not that this is a problem, but we will not be cleaning madam’s vase”, he concluded.

It is worth remembering that Todynho, who will be one of the commentators on the Cup Centeralso on Globo, is the presenter of a program on the channel Multishow🇧🇷

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