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Lucas Souzaex-husband of jojo todynho has new plans now that his marriage to the singer has come to an end. The military man intends to continue with his post in the army, however, he will invest in a career as a digital influencer, taking advantage of the fame he received from having a relationship with the artist.

During an interview with Quem magazine, the 21-year-old said he will take advantage and “embrace the opportunities” that have arisen in his life. After he began to relate to the famous, he began to learn to work with social networks and interact with the public, something that was previously not part of his routine.



“I intend to continue on the internet and take advantage of the many job opportunities that are coming. There’s no way I can refuse. And I didn’t ask for a drop. I’m very attached to my friends in the barracks and my role, so I don’t see myself outside the army”, said the boy.

Ex-Jojo Todynho reveals what his content will be on the internet

As every influencer has a pre-established niche to be able to develop their content, Lucas Souza has already planned what he will do from now on. The former partner of Jojo Todynho said that he will use the social network to show his travels, give tips on physical exercises, lifestyle and much more.

Due to the controversies surrounding the divorce with the Multishow presenter, the military man said that he was not able to train, something he had been doing for two years, since he entered the barracks.

He revealed that he likes to share this type of activity to serve as an incentive to the people who follow him. In recovery, he intends to return to his normal routine.

Military is detonated on the internet for saying he will be an influencer

After revealing that he will be an influencer, Lucas received more hate than usual. Since the breakup, he’s been trying to show his true side, but he’s been pretty slammed on the web.

Without wanting to get away from the internet, he said that it has been difficult to get to the places he likes to go and receive looks and judgment for what happens on the internet. Willing to change this image, the military believes it is possible, but it may take some time.

For many people, Lucas was just an opportunist and took advantage of the fame and visibility of Jojo Todynho, who has years of career and currently runs the program Nove e Meia.

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The artist and the boy broke up for the second time earlier this month and she showed the moment when she signed the divorce papers. To celebrate, the famous even threw a Halloween party with separation as part of the theme.

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