Joyful Celebration of Africa's Cultural Heritage

The debut album by Ghanaian-Nigerian-Dutch DJ and producer Philou Louzolo is laced with amapiano (South African house) on the one hand, but it also brings the listener back to highlights from the Innervisions catalog: spiritual, cyclical, club anthems, with lots of percussion. . This time the cultural heritage is not hijacked by white men but a showcase of 18 artists from the African diaspora. You hear South African and Ghanaian highlife but also a The Weeknd-like track (‘Take Your Time’). There is a pride that radiates from the album that is underlined by the echo of his label name, Wokoundo a la Rick Ross. It is an ambitious and moving project, partly made in bus shelters and in hotel rooms when Louzolo was left homeless due to the corona crisis. It’s feel-good music with ‘high vibrations’, sometimes leaning towards Cafe del Mar with a bit too much sax and autotune, sometimes coming together perfectly in club bangers with an epic suspense and climax (‘Senegal’).

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