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Great works are done not with force but with perseverance.”
Samuel Johnson
“All triumphs are born when we dare to start”.
Eugene Ware

Juan Coronado Sánchez highlighted the great contributions made by Roberto Fulcar for the development of the Los Prados club, which celebrated its 54th anniversary.

Coronado Sánchez, president of the Los Prados club, stated that Fulcar has been an active member and that he is now recognized as an honorary member for his virtues and support for the institution he directs.

Fulcar, Minister of Education, upon receiving the recognition plaque from the president of the Los Prados club, valued the importance of his membership in that club organization.

Coronado Sánchez urged the Dominican State to protect sports, cultural, recreational and social clubs, “they are places that need families and are complements to our health system,” he said.
The different directors of the Los Prados club also joined the words of the president of that entity, highlighting the effort and support that Fulcar makes in favor of the entity.

Jorge Ramírez, who enjoys great appreciation at the Los Prados club, was in charge of the welcome remarks, where he masterfully highlighted the joint work of the board of directors.

Within the anniversary acts, a breakfast was held and together with Fulcar, Francisco Camacho, Minister of Sports, was also recognized.

Camacho was officially registered as an honorary member of the Los Prados club.
Coronado said that Camacho has done a good job as Minister of Sports, just like when he held the presidency of the Dominican Taekwondo Federation. He has also been a member of the Executive Committee of the Dominican Olympic Committee and several international entities.

“We are proud to recognize Fulcar and Camacho, because they are two people who are working tirelessly in favor of Dominican society,” said the main leader of the Pradenses.

Coronado also highlighted the sacrifice and contributions being made by the government of President Luis Abinader Corona, of whom he said:
“I am honored to meet him personally: honest, true to his word, human and with a great spirit of serving others,” he said.

Other personalities were recognized at the anniversary breakfast that was carried out brilliantly.
Entrepreneurs, politicians, government officials, club members, athletes and members of the Los Prados club enjoyed a delicious breakfast that was praised by the attendees.

The Minister of Education was very pleased and thanked his Los Prados club for highlighting his contributions to that organization.

Los Prados is carrying out extraordinary social, sports, cultural and recreational work in favor of children, youth and adults.

The activity was held in the César Cedeño room, who was present and enjoyed a world with all his old friends.

Congratulations, keep going.”
See you tomorrow, God willing, Dominicans.

Yessica Alfonsina Camilo, an outstanding bow and arrow athlete, is recognized and designated as an honorary member by Domingo Encarnación, member of the Board of Directors.
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Juan Coronado Sánchez Praises Fulcar’s contributions to the Los Prados club 3

Manuel López (Manny) speaks on behalf of Francisco Camacho, who was declared an honorary member by the Los Prados club. From the left, Elvis Duarte, vice minister of Miderec, Juan Coronado, José Caraballo, president of the Chapter House and Héctor Estrella, treasurer of Los Prados.

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