Graciele Lacerda poses with shorts on the farm and generates comments

woman of a body, Juju Salimeni always impresses his followers with a show of sensuality and good form. The proof of this is that, recently, the fitness muse drew sighs from netizens by sharing a stunning record on his Instagram account.

In the black and white image, Juju Salimeni appeared wearing a black bodysuit, where she left her curves well designed. The famous squandered good shape and received many compliments.



“No matter how strange your road seems: it is you who knows the weight of the stones; only you remember the time of the walk”, she wrote in the caption of the post. The publication by Juju Salimeni had more than 143 thousand likes.

“My powerful blogger,” said one netizen. “My daily inspiration,” drooled another. “Always so beautiful,” said an admirer. “My God, what a woman this is,” one girl drooled.

Check out Juju Salimeni’s post on social media:

Juju talked about friendships

Always interacting with her followers on social media, Juju recently decided to answer all her followers’ questions and curiosities. In this ocasion, the famous opened a box of questions in her Instagram stories.

The fitness muse was asked by an internet user if she has many friends. straight to your answer, Juju said that she maintains a very reserved friendship cycle.

“Super close friends, no. I think that to say that someone is your friend, that person has to be part of your life intimately, be a confidant. Going to his house, having a lot of confidence. So, being very realistic, I don’t have any,” she said.

Afterwards, Juju Salimeni said that she has only two male friends: “I have two male friends that I really consider my real friends. Life is made of cycles,” she said.

“People come and go in our lives, paths change. Old friends end up drifting apart, because they no longer share the same ideas and that’s okay,” she added.

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spiritual cleansing

Recently, Juju Salimeni opened up the game and talked about her intimate life. At the time, the famous said that she was doing a spiritual cleansing, and therefore, she was not having sex with her boyfriend.

“I’m using it now because I did a spiritual cleansing. So I stay a few days of precept (period in which I am restricted to certain foods, clothing colors, alcoholic beverages and sex). It is also used when we go to the hospital, cemetery and police stations, as they are places infested with negative energies”, she said.

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