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Juliana Caetano sum many fans on the internet and in real life. However, if there’s one thing that the influencer rocks, it’s her creativity in taking unpublished photos on social media. Some time ago, the beauty appeared on the table, in the kitchen, with her smallest piece.

On the occasion, the singer of tram do forró she still appeared all excited, with her tongue hanging out, showing off her curvy, curvy body. With tiny pink shorts, the big guys didn’t settle down and praised her a lot.



“Staying in the kitchen is already something wonderful, and with a woman like that, everything is better”, shot a young man. “People from heaven, I am shocked by the size of this beauty”, revealed the second admirer. “People from heaven, I’m drooling over this woman”, admitted the latter.

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It is also worth noting that, shortly before Juliana Bonde climbed on top of the table in a pair of short shorts, she appeared dazzling in the garden of a mansion, with all her beauty in evidence, alongside a lot of sensuality.

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Videos by Juliana Caetano

In conversation with NaTelinha, Juliana Caetano confessed to selling hot content and said he sees it very naturally, since people have always applauded women doing similar things, only in a free and non-judgmental way.

“People can see me and the dancers changing clothes in the dressing room, it’s what we can do to earn extra income because shows are being canceled all the time, it’s unstable. We are trying to survive somehow, ”admitted the singer, who revealed details of her bold and abused point of view.

“I didn’t expect to make adult content, but necessity makes a thief. A lot of people depend on my work. Nowadays there is a lot of censorship, a dictatorship on the internet, nobody can say anything, nobody can express themselves. I saw a lot of people praising it too, since no one else can play. The most unusual thing I received was a man who wanted to buy my pee. There was another even worse one who asked to buy my pad. But I didn’t sell either one,” he recounted.

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