Juliana Caetano

In addition to being an excellent singer, Juliana Caetano he is also an expert when it comes to winning the attention of internet users with his beautiful publications. Recently, for example, she posted a daring video in which appears wearing a colorful piece and quickly attracted eyes.

In the released record, the lead singer of Bonde do Forró appears making faces and mouths while showing off in front of the camera. Her look was on account of a thin bikini, evidencing her toned body and defined curves.



Always provocative, she invited her followers to watch other Spicy videos she usually shares on Mansão Bonde’s WhatsApp. “Click on the link in the description and come see”wrote the muse in the caption of the post.

In a few hours, Juliana Caetano’s sensual post was surrounded by thousands of likes and hot compliments. One boy declared: “Always beautiful and wonderful”. One netizen also commented: “You are a diva Ju”. Another fan made a point of commenting on the muse’s body: “What a great belly”.

Juliana Caetano (Image: Reproduction/Instagram)

Juliana Caetano made a millionaire purchase

In time, Juliana Caetano shared one of her achievements with fans. She told about the millionaire purchase she made, aiming to invest even more in her music career. In this ocasion, she bought a super modern bus.

“Look, the first G8 band bus in Brazil is mine! Guys, seriously, I’m very emotional, I’ve cried a lot. I spent everything I had. I paid BRL 2.2 million“, said the singer, visibly moved.

In the publication, the famous still mocked other country artists:Suck Gusttavo Lima, suck Luan Santana, the country duos all famous there…”, shot the beauty, explaining that he faced many difficulties in life.

Commenting on how he managed to buy the millionaire bus, Juliana highlighted that it was through her worksboth as a singer and with the sale of adult content through Mansão Bonde’s WhatsApp.

“I’ve been through a lot, I’ve had a lot of bad names, a lot of bad names. But do what? I don’t have an education, I don’t know how to do anything else, that’s all that’s left. And it’s not because I don’t know how to do anything that I don’t work. I work from the time I wake up to the time I go to sleep.”, she explained.

The singer highlighted that many people depend on her. “So I take a really bad name, patience.”, added, explaining about their work: “It’s not a big deal from my point of view, I’m a singer and the videos I make for Mansão Bonde, which I know is not a right thing, but what can I do.”said.

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