Juma and Jove stay together in Pantanal?  What happens at the end of the novel

Since the protagonists got involved, the public has been anxious to know if Juma and Jove stay together in Pantanal. The good guys fall in love, but they have to overcome social and cultural differences for the romance to survive. In the original plot, the ending was happy.

Juma and Jove stay together in the soap opera Pantanal and get married in MS

Juma and Jove stay together at the end of the novel. If the author Bruno Luperi follows the same script as the first version of the feuilleton, the protagonists marry and have a daughter named Maria Marruá Leôncio.

In the first version of the story, Jove and Juma’s wedding took place in chapter 115. The women of Jove’s family prepare the bride, who wears the traditional white dress, but asks for the groom to be present even when getting ready: “Where is Joventino? If he’s not here, I’m not going.”

The ceremony takes place on José Leôncio’s farm and generates comments among the guests. “Florzô marries the Marruá jaguar, who would have thought?”, says Alcides. In the same marriage, Muda, now called Maria Ruth, and Tiberius are also joined.

During the priest’s blessing, the Velho do Rio plays a horn somewhere nearby and draws the attention of the guests. “He looks like my father”, says José Leôncio.

Juma and Jove’s wedding takes place after the couple returns to the Pantanal region. Jove even tried to take his lover to Rio de Janeiro, but the protagonist did not adapt to the way of life in the big city. The boy gives in to the lover’s request and they end up returning to the peaceful life in the tapera.

Jove (Marcos Winter) and Juma (Cristiana Oliveira) get married in the first version of Pantanal – Photo: Reproduction/YouTube

Daughter of Jove and Juma

The daughter of Jove and Juma is called Maria Marruá Leôncio. The birth of the couple’s daughter is very similar to that of Jove, when Madeleine gave birth to Zé Leôncio’s son. The protagonist will be alone in the tapera when she will begin to have contractions – her husband will be traveling and when he returns, the baby will be born. Like her mother, Juma goes to the riverside, where she gives birth to her daughter.

In the last chapter of the novel, there is a passage of time and Juma’s daughter is shown to be around 8 years old. She appears with Velho do Rio, who at this point will be José Leôncio, and says that she also transforms into a jaguar just like her mother and grandmother.

Actress Leandra Leal, then 8 years old, played the character. This was her first role on television and today the artist is one of the most famous in Brazilian teledramaturgy.

It is likely that the author maintains the same outcome for the characters. According to information from columnist Patrícia Kogout, from the newspaper O Globo, the cast will return to Mato Grosso do Sul at the end of May to record the wedding scene between Juma and Jove.

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