Jurassic World 3: Chris Pratt, the man who whispers in the ear of the bike'

Despite the lackluster reviews, dinos are still popular. And Top Gun 2 too!

The blockbusters are linked and look alike at the US box office. After the supersonic takeoff of Top Gun 2which followed the epic launch of Doctor Strange 2it’s the turn of Jurassic World 3 to take control of the North American rankings. Released on Friday across the Atlantic, Dominion raised $143 million in three days and ranks No. 1 ahead of Top Gun: Maverickwhich still raises 50 million dollars for its 3rd weekend of operation.

Despite scathing reviews, The World After was able to massively attract dino fans to 4,676 theaters. Even though Jurassic World 3 falls far short of the standards set by the franchise-record first installment of the new trilogy, opening at $208 million (in 2015). On the other hand, Dominion does substantially as well as Fallen Kingdomwhich had gleaned 148 million dollars for its launch in the USA (in 2018).

Launched in the global market for a week, Jurassic World 3 already totals a whopping $389.17 million.

According to Chris Pratt, Jurassic World 3 marks the end of the franchise!

According to Varietyindustry analysts are encouraged by these very promising results for the sector, for the coming summer, in particular because the market seems once again able to absorb two huge blockbusters simultaneously.

In effect, Top Gun: Maverick does almost as well in the third week as Spider-Man: No Way Home and already has $393.3 million in revenue across the Atlantic. At the global box office, Top Gun 2 is approaching the 750 million dollar mark, and will certainly end up above a billion dollars.

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