Jurassic World Domain‘ wins interactive website with videos of dinosaurs around the world, containing information and curiosities about them.

The website is the dinotraker.comand there you can see cases of dinosaurs in various parts of the world, including Brazil!

The Brazilian case is a group of brachiosaurs peacefully grazing, somewhere along the Amaral Peixoto Highway at the Rio de Janeiro.

Playback / Dino Tracker

The interactive website of Jurassic World Domain‘ also measures dinosaurs by level of aggression, being that of the herbivore brachiosaurus, short. Therefore, the Brazilian people can rest in peace.

if not Brazil people don’t care Peru the thing is not so cool, since the site records a video where a carnotauruswith a high level of aggressiveness, hunting in the region of cañahuas.


‘Jurassic World Domain’ takes place four years after the destruction of Isla Nublar. Dinosaurs now live – and hunt – alongside humans all over the world. This fragile balance will reshape the future and determine, once and for all, whether humans will remain the top predators on a planet they now share with the most fearsome creatures in history.

The film’s premiere in Brazil is scheduled for June 2, 2022.

Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas-Howard, Sam Neill, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum return to the main roles.

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