Karim Adeyemi celebrates with the Germany flag after the U21 final.

Faster than Usain Bolt? Karim Adeyemi only needs 3.6 seconds for 30 meters and is therefore faster than the ex-sprint world champion. Despite enormous potential, the Red Bull Salzburg player remains on the ground and continues to work on his future. Find out more about the young talent here.

Just a few years ago, Karim Adeyemi caused a sensation as the most expensive youth transfer from SpVgg Unterhaching to Red Bull Salzburg at the time. A total of 3 million euros were transferred for the huge talent in May 2018. Even before his 17th birthday, Adeyemi was also named the best young player by the DFB. So it’s no wonder that clubs like the big FC Barcelona have also expressed an interest. But even with offers of around 15 million, the likeable Karim Adeyemi remains very modest in private. The son of a Nigerian father and a Romanian mother has always learned from his parents to stay humble and down to earth.

Karim Adeyemi is known for his speed – and the next Erling Haaland?

His speed and nose for goals quickly make Karim Adeyemi an integral part of RB Salzburg. Christoph Freund, head of sports at RB, said Adeyemi was one of the fastest players in the squad and knew where the goal was. However, Karim Adeyemi categorically rejects a direct comparison with the prodigious talent Erling Haaland from Manchester City. The types of players are too different. Adeyemi doesn’t see himself as the next Haaland, but wants to be the only Karim. Here, too, he proves his down-to-earthness and his ambition to create great things.

Karim Adeyemi private: origin and family

Karim-David Adeyemi is the son of a Nigerian father and a Romanian mother. He was born in Munich on January 18, 2002 and grew up in the Forstenried district. As a child he often visited his mother’s home town of Braşov in the heart of the mountainous Carpathian region. Karim even speaks a little Romanian to this day.

Karim Adeyemi’s previous clubs: TSV Forstenried, FC Bayern, Red Bull Salzburg

Adeyemi took his first steps on the soccer field at TSV Forstenried. However, scouts from FC Bayern Munich quickly became aware of the fast and tricky boy. Adeyemi was invited to a trial session and was immediately convincing. He moved to Bayern in 2010 when he was just 8 years old. A jackpot for the young teenager, who always wanted to follow in the footsteps of his idols Arien Robben. Despite the perfect starting position, FCB and Adeyemi did not really become a good love relationship. He was rarely able to convince the Munich team. Due to several incidents of lack of discipline, there were repeated arguments and Adeyemi finally had to leave Bayern after only two years. After his next stop at SpVgg Unterhaching, Adeyemi made it to Red Bull Salzburg, where he was finally able to show his full talent. He has been under contract with Borussia Dortmund since the 2022/23 season.

Karim Adeyemi in the German national team

Karim Adeyemi also played for the German U16, U17 and U21 national teams. In August 2021, Hansi Flick got him for the World Cup qualification 2022 to the national team. In his first appearance against Armenia, he was allowed to be entered directly into the scorer list. This makes Adeyemi the youngest player to score his first goal in a competitive game. Who knows where the path of the young man from Munich will lead! At least he was allowed to travel to Qatar for the 2022 World Cup.

Karim Adeyemi shows girlfriend, friends and team on Instagram

Karim Adeyemi is also approachable on social media. On his Instagram channel @karim_adeyemi you can see photos from the club Borussia Dortmund, his former club RB Salzburg and the national team. You can also see Karim Adeyemi with his girlfriend and in the circles of his friends or family.

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