Karine Teles, from 'Pantanal', reveals harassment on social networks

Despite her success as Madeleine in ‘Pantanal’, the actress Karine Teles43 years old, has faced some negative consequences on social media. In an interview with journalist Rute Pina, from the Universa website, the artist said that, with the repercussion of the soap opera, she started to gain more followers in the Instagramhowever, with that, also began to be the target of online harassment.

“Because of the soap opera, my number of followers on Instagram has increased a lot, more than doubled. Before, I was able to talk to people who came to talk about my work. That they had watched something I participated in. Now, I’m at a point where I no longer read messages from people I don’t know. Because I got some pretty nasty things.” confessed the actress.

Asked what kind of things she gets, Karine Teles said that they are “very disgusting things”, in addition to mean comments and a lot of harassment. “Aggressive singing, harassment, really disgusting things, like violent comments about the character or my work. Then I would look and it was a closed profile or a person who did not follow me.”, she said, that he also receives a lot of affection from the true fans who honor his work.

“But that’s a minority of what gets to me. Most people are very nice, generous, caring and affectionate with my work. However, as I am an analog person, I cannot maintain this filter. I feel invaded. When people talk about the character, it doesn’t bother me, I understand. The problem is when the business goes to the people.”he explained.

Off on social networks

Unlike her character, who is a digital influencer who is on social media all the time, Karine Teles admits to being more absent from the virtual world and has been off most of the time. “I’m doing an opposite move from Madeleine: the more she pumps, the more I’m offline.”, declared the artist.

“The only network I have is Instagram. I had Facebook for a while, but I started to realize that it was taking up a lot of space in my routine. People give opinions about everything, even about things they don’t understand or don’t know. I play that I’m analog. I am 44 years old and there was no internet in my adolescence or early adulthood. So I get a little tired when I use the internet too much. And I feel like some things hit me in an unnecessary way.” reported the famous.

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