Kate should Meghan with photo "painful" conveyed a message

In addition, she had put on a pearl necklace from the Queen, which, according to the British news agency PA, she had already worn in 2021 for the funeral of her husband, Prince Philip, wore. Accordingly, it was a Japanese necklace with four rows of pearls and a curved diamond clasp in the middle. The necklace is said to have been commissioned by the Queen – from pearls that she received as a gift from the government there after her first state visit to Japan in 1975.

Jewelry steeped in history just for Kate

The earrings are made from two pearls from a collection from the King of Bahrain, given to the Queen as a wedding gift in 1947. At that time, the Bahraini monarch still bore the title of Hakim. duchess meghan also wore – much more subtle – pearl and diamond earrings at the state funeral, which the Queen gave her in 2018.

The “discrepancy” is obvious, says nobility expert Elser. “Next to Kate’s amazing pair of earrings, where one would assume any other are fake plastic, Meghan’s earrings – while elegant and a very thoughtful gift – feel puny in comparison.” And further: “In this case, the size does play a role. There is also the question of history and meaning.” Meghan’s earrings wouldn’t have them, says Elser.

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