Kevin Spacey will make his return to Hollywood in a historic film

With Christophe Lambert in the cast.

Five years after the start of the scandal and his last film in Hollywood, Kevin Spacey will try to make a comeback in American cinema. Brought back to the sets last year by the Italian Franco Nero, in film The uomo Che Disegnò Dio (released in late 2021), the former star of Usual Suspects and American Beauty is going to sign for a big historical film called 1242 – Gateway to the West.

It will be a British-Hungarian co-production, which will mark his biggest feature to date since the accusations against him, launched in 2017. Accused by more than a dozen men of sexual assault or harassment , but never criminally convicted, Kevin Spacey was persona non grata in Hollywood ever since, notably fired from House of Cards and Ridley Scott’s film, All the money in the world.

With 1242 – Gateway to the Westhe is trying to make a discreet comeback, alongside Eric Roberts, Terence Stamp, but also Frenchie Christophe Lambert.

The film tells the story of the grandson of Genghis Khan’s military commander, Batu Khan, who was elected commander-in-chief of the western part of the Mongol Empire. According to an official synopsis, in 1242 Khan is confronted by a deeply spiritual man named Cesareani (Spacey). His invasion of Europe will be stopped at a castle in Hungary and this will ultimately bring about his downfall.

Hungarian director Peter Soos signs the film with a screenplay by Aron Horvath and Joan Lane. Filming will begin in October 2022 in Hungary and Mongolia… far from Hollywood anyway.

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