Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden arrived at the 2008 Nobel Prize ceremony in a stunning pink gown created by designer Pär Engsheden.  (Photo)

Anyone who believes that the otherwise always correct King Carl XVI. Gustaf of Sweden is a child of sadness who errs. The Swedish regent has all sorts of scandals on the record that have written royal history over the years.

King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden celebrates his 73rd birthday on April 30, 2019.
Image: epa anp Lex Lieshout / ANP / picture alliance / dpa

Imagine an ideal king – what qualities would the monarch have for you? Of course, character traits such as being close to the people, a likeable demeanor and level-headedness are just as important as the ability to represent one’s country as scandal-free and presentable as possible. It is not for nothing that there is a strict protocol at the European royal courts that blue-blooded horses and the royal household have to adhere to – but behind the palace walls things sometimes get pretty busy. The best example of this might be King Carl XVI Gustav of Sweden who will be celebrating his 76th birthday on April 30, 2022. date of birth celebrated.

Charles XVI Gustaf of Sweden and his iconic family celebrate the King’s 75th birthday

At first glance, the Swedish monarch is the head of a terribly likeable family that puts their best foot forward at every opportunity. With Queen Silvia of Sweden has King Carl XVI. Gustaf has had an extremely popular wife at his side for more than 40 years, who gave him three no less likeable children with Princess Victoria, Prince Carl Philip and Princess Madeleine.

Children blessing in the Swedish royal family: These are the grandchildren of King Carl XVI. Gustav of Sweden

The young generation of Swedish royals has meanwhile followed suit and given the Swedish king a number of grandchildren: Princess Victoria and her husband started it off when Princess Estelle saw the light in 2012, and two years later Princess Madeleine and her daughter Leonore gave the Swedish royal couple again grandchildren blessing Baby number three for Princess Madeleine of Sweden has been part of the royal family since March 2018 and goes by the name of Princess Adrienne. In the meantime, with Prince Oscar, Prince Nicolas, Prince Alexander, Prince Gabriel and Prince Julian, five other golden rascals have seen the light of day in the Swedish nobility.

King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden: These scandals caused Zoff in the royal family

Presumably none of the scandals that King Carl XVI. Gustaf of Sweden has caused a sensation in his life so far – but that does not mean that the monarch’s life has been completely scandal-free. On the contrary, the celebrant was a real rascal when he was younger and apparently rarely let anything burn. Some of his little scandals also managed to get into the public eye – the image of the Swedish king, who succeeded King Gustav VI in 1973, should be clearly scratched. Adolf of Sweden ascended the throne, gotten as a piquant affair became public.

King Carl Gustaf of Sweden: affair with pop singer brought the monarch into disrepute

The Swedish king is said to have been dating Camilla Henemark, who rose to fame as the singer of the Europop group Army of Lovers in the 1990s. The king of Sweden’s dalliance with the busty vocal wonder became public in 2010 when the author trio Thomas Sjöborg, Deanne Rauscher and Tove Meyer made the affair public in their book “The Reluctant Monarch”. Camilla Henemark also spoke about her life as a royal playmate and unashamedly grabbed the media about King Carl XVI’s sex qualities. Gustaf from Sweden.

King of the strip club? This revelation shocked the whole of Sweden

However, the singer should not have been the only woman who was allowed to share the bed with the Swedish king in addition to his wife Queen Silvia. The king is also said to have been a regular guest in the red-light district – when the story became public, King Carl XVI’s popularity fell. Gustaf of Sweden was quickly voted down by the people, and voices were raised that the monarch should abdicate and vacate the throne for his daughter, Crown Princess Victoria. The king himself always denied the allegations of cheating and put on a good face with Queen Silvia for a bad game. It only remains for the blue-bloods to wish that such bitter scandals do not repeat themselves in the years to come…

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