Koh-Lanta: the cursed Totem: Amber returned from the adventure with a serious illness

Eliminated during the orientation test of Koh Lanta: the cursed Totem, Ambre experienced a complicated return to reality. The young adventurer left the show with a serious illness.

For Ambre, the Koh Lanta adventure is over. This Tuesday, June 14, the young adventurer was eliminated from the Totem Maudit season during the orientation, won by Jean-Charles, who will fight on the posts against Géraldine, Bastien and François. “The hardest thing for me was search and never find anything. This test should be renamed ‘Find something without knowing what it looks like’ (laughs) it had nothing to do with an orientation test”, told us Amber. Very quickly, the adventurer digested her defeat and got back to her habits in France. Even if her return was not easy since she was suffering from an illness! “I came back with hepatitis A, it was a bit complicated. It can’t be cured, it goes away on its own”, she explained to Pure People.

“But I’m a little boosted with food supplements and other supplements of everything! We always end up getting over it, but it’s true that physically we realize the impact of the game when we come back to the real thing. life. I lost my hair, I had hepatitis A, fatigue… It’s not trivial what we do to our body. But everything ends up coming back and today I I’m very well”added Amber, happy to have been able to find her life and her darling. Eliminated at the gates of the Koh Lanta final, the young woman has no regrets about her adventure. And she is proud to have remained herself, as she explained to us: “Watching the episodes, my loved ones tell me that I am the same person in life and in the game, and that makes me proud. Despite hunger, adversity, competition and very harsh living conditions , I managed to stay Amber”.

Amber: “Nobody stole their place”

Member of the final jury, Amber will have, like the adventurers eliminated since reunification, to elect the big winner of this season of the Cursed Totem. And among the four finalists, she has no favorite. “I don’t have an opinion. The four finalists are deserving. Admittedly, Jean-Charles didn’t win anything, it’s a fucking hold-up, but he won the events that were necessary : direct elimination and orientation. People can say what they want, the four best adventurers of this season are on the posts”, assured Amber in our columns. And to add: “No one stole their place, everyone methodically found their beacon and their dagger. I simply wasn’t able to do it, and I’m the only one who didn’t. Even Bastien found the beacon, he just got the wrong color.”

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