Koh-Lanta, The cursed Totem: who are the four finalists?

Who from Ambre, Géraldine, Bastien, François and Jean-Charles was eliminated at the gates of the grand final and the mythical pole test, during the episode of Koh-Lanta, Le Totem maudit broadcast on Tuesday June 14? Discover the finalists of this new season.

A new episode of Koh-Lanta, The Cursed Totem was broadcast on Tuesday June 14, 2022. And the test that awaited the candidates still in the running was legendary to say the least since it was orientation test. For this semi-final, Ambre, Géraldine, Bastien, François and Jean-Charles were still in the running. The first three to find a dagger qualified for the posts while the last two had to compete in a second orienteering race. The winner qualified for the show’s final event but inheriteda cursed post.

At this little game, it’s Jean-Charles who proved to be the strongest. He managed to find a dagger in 36 minutes, a great achievement. “I lost everything Denis! It’s the revenge of the rankless!“, he launched in front of Denis Brogniart by finishing his race. Shortly after, the Vannetaise, Géraldine, also managed to qualify for the pole test. She completed her orientation in 1h03, under the helpless eyes of Bastien. Finally, it’s François who took third place to avoid the cursed post.

A candidate inherited the cursed pole

It was therefore Ambre and Bastien who faced each other in the final orientation test. It took proof of great speed to be able to win. It was Bastien, the rope access technician from the Rhône, who finally snatched his place to dispute the posts. Only, he will have to show great technicality to manage to hold on to a cursed post. Amber was therefore eliminated. Jean-Charles, Géraldine, François and Bastien are the finalists for this new season.

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