Lady Gaga: “A Star is Born reflects the reality of the star system”

Quick encounter with the singer-turned-actress, starring in pop melody by Bradley Cooper.

Lady Gaga will star on TMC tonight via rebroadcastA Star is Born, the new version of the famous musical directed by Bradley Cooper, then a documentary devoted to the singer and actress. We met her in September 2018, a few days before the French release of this film, which was a great success. Flashback.

First: The idea of ​​the different successive versions of A Star is Bornis to reflect the reality of the star-system at a given moment?
Lady Gaga :
Totally, and I also find that the depiction of the music industry offered by our film is very fair, very honest. If a young artist crosses paths with an important manager who wants to make her a superstar, he will make suggestions, introduce her to choreographers, transform her, etc. I know because it all happened to me! Along the way, we are afraid of losing our integrity. That’s what Ally (his character in the film) said at one point, “I don’t want to lose the part of me that has talent. »

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Bradley Cooper is pretty good at music, isn’t he?
Severe ! He’s a real artist, a real singer. One day we were in the studio working on one of the Jackson Maine songs (Bradley Cooper’s character in the movie), and he landed and began to groan: “But what is that? That’s not Jack’s sound! I was like, ‘Oh, oh, you take music seriously. It was a good sign. All the sung scenes of the film were shot live, there is never any playback.

There were three versions ofA star Is Born before your film, which is your favourite?
Sorry, I can’t answer this question, I don’t mean to offend anyone! But just know that Judy Garland is my favorite actress of all time… It’s no coincidence that I hum Somewhere over the rainbow at the beginning of the film.

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Trailer ofA Star is Born :

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