Large families: an ousted ex-candidate balances on production, "we are not going to lie to each other"

Former participant of the program Large Families: Life in XXL on TF1, Aurélie Dunand did not hesitate to tackle the production of the program in a message published on her Instagram account on Sunday June 19, 2022.

In recent years, it has become one of the unmissable events of TF1 at the end of the afternoon, the show Large families: Life in XXL achieves excellent audiences daily on the antenna of the first channel. As a reminder, this program follows the daily life of several families who all have the same particularity: that of having 5 or more children in their household. Benefiting from strong media exposure thanks to this programme, the different families who appear on the air have seen their lives transformed, given that some of their members have become stars of the small screen.

If some families decide to leave the program voluntarily after a while, for their own reasons, others, on the other hand, are discarded by the production, to make room for new faces. This was particularly the case of the Dunand family, present in 2021 within Large families: Life in XXL. The mother of this tribe, Aurélie Dunand, replied Sunday, June 19, 2022 to its subscribers on Instagram, who were worried about not seeing it appear on the antenna of TF1. “Have you heard from the show? Maybe again on our screens?“, asked one of his followers. Visibly very bitter, Aurélie Dunand replied by tackling the production in passing.

Large families: “We are not on the list”, laments a former participant

No news ! We are not going to lie to each other, the production has its favorite families and unfortunately we are not part of the list“, she indicated. For the record, 6 new families have joined the show since March 23, 2022. Recruitment set up by TF1 Productions, to find new tribes to follow in Large families: Life in XXL, actually takes place every semester. “The important thing is really to have ideally 5 children, even 4 in special cases such as a pregnant mother, quadruplets… We recruit families from all over France, including Dom-Tom. The most important thing is that the children still live under the parents’ roof. If there are grown-ups who have left to study and there are only three left at home, in general it does not correspond to us“, had indicated to Tele-Leisure director of storytelling TF1 ProductionsOthilie Barrot.

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