Large families: this new project by Amandine Pellissard which will cost you dearly!

A few weeks ago, Amandine Pellissard revealed that she had a new project with TF1. The latter has just materialized and some information has already leaked.

Since the broadcast of the first season of Large families: life in XXL in July 2020, the Pellissard family established itself as one of the essential families of the show. Today, Amandine Pellissard is a fulfilled mother, at the head of a tribe of 8 children.

A few weeks ago, she confided exclusively in the magazine Tele-Leisure and confirmed that she was working on a new project with TF1. “If things continue to evolve in this direction, we may have a nice surprise in store for you with the TF1 group! We could appear in a new program focused on our family. But, for the moment, I cannot tell you more…” she had revealed. Since then, the private channel has confirmed at a press conference that a new reality show baptized “The Pellissards in Saint-Tropez“would see the light of day.

The new Pellisard show will be broadcast on MyTF1 Max

If the brand new show dedicated to the Pellissard family should be broadcast soon, fans of Large families can’t watch it on TF1. In effect, the program will only be available on MyTF1 Maxthe group’s streaming platform TF1. To access it, subscribers will have to pay the sum of €2.99 per month or €29.99 per year.

For her part, Amandine Pellissard gave some news from his vacation in Saint Tropez. She confided: “Alex, the kids and I didn’t like it at all. Whether it’s the environment or mentalities… we have a lot more fun on vacation in Occitania. Too much bling for us“. Loyal viewers will therefore have to go soon to MyTF1 Max to discover the adventures of the large family during this special holiday.

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