Larissa Manoela does not contain herself and vents after recordings on Globo: “Crying a lot”

Already arriving in the last months of the novel Beyond the Illusionthe actress Larissa Manoela has given a boost to the production recordings. This week, the famous revealed that she had to spend a good part of the day filming on TV Globo.

In a series of stories on Instagram, Larissa shared with her followers a little bit of what was happening. According to Lari, the scenes recorded during the day will be important for the plot.

Eight delicate scenes and crying a lot (as always)“, she said, who during the moment with the fans ended up meeting the actress Alexandra Richter. “She already recorded everything today, she already shone and I’m going there now”, informed the artist.

The interpreter of Isadora also completed apologizing for her absence, but that she had been working since very early on. “I know I disappeared from here and didn’t show anything today, but it’s just that simply since 7:30 am I’ve been recording one of the sequences of the telenovela”, revealed Larissa.

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Achievement of the Actress

Last weekend Larissa Manoela celebrated the fact of having finally managed to conquer the status of “former child actress”. The artist starred in her first scene as a bride and was moved by the result of the sequence, which for her meant a lot to her career.

I grew up, I’m really not a child actress anymore! Through my character, I’m getting married in a soap opera! Dressing as a wedding is making this chip really fall” – I said repeated and emotional times on that day of recording 😊 “, declared the actress.

“The 1st bride we never forget and it was VERY special. Finally today you will be able to follow all this emotion in Beyond the Illusion. Hold your heart because mine is already in pieces”, he concluded.

Author’s praise

And the good moment lived by Larissa has also been observed by Alessandra Poggi, author of Beyond the Illusion. In an interview for the Uol portal, the writer stated that the The actress was one of the great successes of TV Globo’s production.

“I met Larissa on the first day of preparing the cast of the soap opera. It was a good lineup. A cheerful, talented, involved and dedicated young woman, always open to listen and learn, as well as friendly”, she says.

“His ability to embody two sisters who are different in temperament. She knew how to play the romantic Elisa with the same skill with which she plays the pragmatic Isadora. And the audience noticed right away that it was a different character, completely different from the first one”, he continues.

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