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A friendship that turned into love: This defines well the relationship of Larissa Manoela and André Luiz Frambach. The couple has been in a serious relationship for just four months, but they have been on and off for at least three years.

After comings and goings, the actor finally managed to conquer the famous once and for all. On your social networks, the actress revealed what was the strategy used by the boy. On the occasion, she said that the heartthrob of the soap opera Face and Courage wrote her love notes on the windshield of her car.



“André Luiz Frambach found me at Projac [Estúdios Globo] back when I was still recording and writing notes on my rear windshield for me to read in the rearview mirror. It got to me in a way.” admitted Larissa.

According to the young woman, the relationship only went ahead when André had this attitude. 🇧🇷We say that when it’s meant to be, it is, but the truth is that it was only after he started writing on my car… If he had done it sooner… Just kidding”fired the actress, who made many compliments to the beloved.

“But seriously, is there a more authentic way to make you fall in love with the person? Morally, I don’t know. This here is ELITE. I get sick every time I remember.” completed the artist, publishing some images that show some of the phrases written by the actor. Check out:

Larissa Manoela (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

4 months of dating

The 17th has already become a much-awaited day for fans who root for the couple Larissa Manoela and André Luiz Frambach. That, why, is the date on which the couple celebrates another month of dating. On November 17th, for example, they completed four months together.

On social networks, the two exchanged beautiful declarations of love, showing that they are really in love with each other.

Check out André Luiz Frambach’s post:

In his post, André highlighted that Larissa is the woman of his life and the one who makes him smile every day. He further mentioned that the actress is more than a girlfriend. “She is my friend, my safe haven, my confidant, my partner in training, in the game, in everything in this life and it will be like this for the rest of my life”he stated.

Check out Larissa Manoela’s post:

Larissa, on the other hand, commented that André is the dream she found hard to believe was real. According to the famous, she thought everything was too perfect to be true. “I resisted giving myself away, it was always too perfect for me, how could it be?”, she said in one of the excerpts of the long text.

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