Lego Masters: who is the big winner of season 3?

The grand finale of the new season of Lego Masters was broadcast on M6, Thursday, November 17, 2022. After tests, each more impressive than the next, it was a duo of boys who managed to win.

On M6, Thursday November 17, 2022, it was time for the grand finale for the final contestants of Lego Masters. In an attempt to impose themselves, brick fans went all out and did not hesitate to create impressive works. During their first creations, they had to play with water. Indeed, Marius and Thibaut, the Strangers Bricks, Mickaël and Fabien, Armor’s friends, Rodolphe and Théo, the quirky father and son, and Camille and Caroline, the brick originals, had the mission of carrying out the creation of a large Lego part of which is under water, and the other on the surface. They all played the game and showed great creativity.

For their second creation, the candidates had no instructions. They were simply alone in front of their own constraints and their own difficulties. In this little game it’s finally the duo made up of father and son, Rodolphe and Théo, who won. Hearing the beautiful news, the father of the family simply burst into tears and collapsed on the ground. Theo seemed to be happier than ever.

Rodolphe and Théo won a check for 20,000 euros

We have the cup in our hands. It’s a sick thing“, launched Rodolphe. In addition to winning the trophy, they were also presented with a check for 20,000 euros. Just behind them, Mickaël and Fabien were very happy. “We released what we wanted to release. We are very proud to finish second just behind Théo and Rodolphe, I just say hats off“, they confided when they learned their classification.

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