Les Invisibles: does this investigation squad really exist?

Wednesday November 23, 2022, the detective series Les Invisibles returns for a second season on France 2. The opportunity to wonder about the existence of the rather special brigade of Darius.

While the first season of invisible had been broadcast in 2021 on France 2the detective series is back in a second season, on Wednesday, November 23, with six brand new episodes. Carried by Guillaume Cramoisan and Déborah Krey, it follows a police brigade led by a certain Darius, with a rather special mission. In fact, she is interested in unidentified victims and has just seven days to solve the cases and identify the bodies, before they are sent to a mass grave.

In an interview with France Televisionsproducer Sabine Berthelemy confided in the creation of the series. She revealed: “The main difficulty was to create interest and empathy in the viewer for strangers, dead“. For this, the writers decided to use a double narration by devoting part of the series to the police investigation and another part to flashbacks on life and the privacy of the victims. A successful bet since the first season has already met with great success.

The Invisibles Brigade was invented for the series

If the existence of the Invisibles brigade is a source of questioning for many viewers, Sabine Berthelemy has decided to revelations on this subject. She explained: “No. This series is intended to be realistic, so it was important that it be essentially believable. But, in reality, brigades dedicated to these investigations do not exist, the police do not have the means.“.

Eventually, she revealed that when an unidentified body was discovered, the procedure was a little different from reality. “It is true that the unidentified dead are promised to the common grave. But within thirty days, not seven. We’ve over-dramatized things a bit” she confided. Indeed, a shorter delay makes it possible to make the most dramatic and dynamic seriessince investigators are in a hurry to solve the case.

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