If you went to the Liam Gallagher concert in Chile, you were surely moved when he played the Oasis classics. After all, even though he has his own successful solo career, it’s still special to hear those songs live the band with which he rose to fame global.

Nevertheless, not everyone was supportive of the idea of ​​him playing these iconic songs. Through their social networks, Liam Gallagher sent a harsh response to those who criticize him for singing the songs of the band he created with his brother.

What did Liam Gallagher say?

in your account Twitter, the British musician referred to his critics. Always with his honest style, Liam Gallagher decided to respond to those who criticize him for singing Oasis songs on his new tour, where he mainly promotes his solo material.

“Anyone who has a problem with me singing Oasis songs, they’re not true Oasis fans, they’re fucking assholes”wrote an enraged Liam Gallagher on his social networks.


On his current tour, who made him go through Chile a few weeks ago, Liam Gallagaher mainly sings songs by Oasis. Although he performs some singles from his solo albums, more than 10 songs are from his work in the iconic british band.

However, this has also caused him some unforeseen problems. And it is that Liam Gallagher also sang the songs at his recent Knebworth shows, where he filmed his new music documentary.

Unfortunately, his older brother, Noel Gallagher, forbade him to use any Oasis songs in his documentahe. Something striking, considering that they had recently worked together for the documentary from the concert they gave in the nineties, In the same place.

“You can forbid us to use the songs, but you can’t erase our memories. Shame on you”Liam Gallagher replied to his brother and former Oasis teammate.

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