Lights Of The Gam Revolt

As a result of the protests that emerged after the social outbreak of October 2019, a large number of protesters suffered eye mutilations as a result of police repression. This will be portrayed in a new light-documentary installation at the Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center (GAM) entitled Lights of the Revolt, in which these events experienced in those protests will be reflected.

Lights of the Revolt: the light-documentary installation of the GAM on the ocular mutilations in the social outbreak of 2019

Through a photographic series that will be exposed through peepholes that are located in the walls of the structure, the trajectories of projectiles will be represented. which were shot by Carabineros de Chile and that will be portrayed by means of light beams.

With the installation Luces de la Revuelta, we seek to generate a space for introspection and personal analysis and collective through the use of light, projections and photographs as elements that provoke a change in the city. Thus reproducing in a simple and respectful way the eye injuries that occurred during the first four months of the social outbreak.


In this way, the installation proposes two cultural artistic experiences: one from outside and one from inside. In its outer part, the structure is simple, straight and orderly lines.

On the other hand, inner experience has a irregular, cold and unacknowledged materiality.

Also, it has p15mm holes each, replicating the caliber of ammunition used by Carabineros, holes that are illuminated during the journey.

Lights Of The Gam Revolt

they will exist peepholes with documentary photographs of the events occurred and a sound atmosphere with audio descriptions for each photograph.

With this experience, we seek to induce a reflection on ocular mutilations produced by the State of Chile and value the memory and importance of the fundamental rights of every human being.

Lights Of The Gam Revolt

Who is in charge and what are the days and times to attend the exhibition?

The original idea is from Colectivo Contrastes and MOVaLAB. The architectural design is by Tamara Clavero and Matías Carvajal.

Meanwhile, the lighting design it is in charge of Camila Loader, Tamara Clavero, Matías Segura, and Santiago Benítez. The lighting control system it is in charge of Benítez; and photography by Diego Reyes, with General production by Ximena Luz Morgado, and media production by Xavier Ruiz.

Lastly, the production and construction team is run by Kunhek Taller, and the architecture by Macarena Henríquez and Matías Espinosa.

The sample, which is free and on a first-come, first-served basiswill be enabled between May 11 and 29 on the GAM Zocalo Square. With schedules that will between 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m.

The entrance to the room does not require Mobility Pass and the use of mask is mandatory at all times.

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