Julito Furcar

For many people, aware of national events when it comes to bad news, it has gone unnoticed that the deputy Julito Fulcar Encarnación (PRM Province Peravia) has presented a bill that establishes human blood as a public good, creates the program of services preferential and non-pecuniary benefits for donors, while prohibiting the indiscriminate purchase, sale and handling of blood and formalizes the National Network of Blood Donors.

The project seeks to guarantee the population’s access to a quality service in the supply and transfusion of blood and its derivatives and creates a legal framework to make access to blood efficient, giving legal status to the National Blood Center, in which it will be installed a computer platform to be called “Blood Donor Network” to automate blood services in public and private health centers.

Julito Fulcar Encarnación, PRM spokesperson.

Fulcar’s initiative, insofar as it does not refer to the “hot” issues of the ordinary public agenda, has not received due attention, despite the fact that it is presented to solve a serious problem: the availability of donated blood for clinical use in patients and injured who need the vital liquid.

The project seeks to promote hemodonation, recruitment, training, selection, registration of blood donors, extraction, conservation, screening and processing of blood, transfusion, storage, distribution, transport of blood units, their components and derivatives, to meet the needs required in health establishments for therapeutic purposes”.

The legislator, who is the spokesman for the PRM in the Lower House, has raised awareness of a serious problem, establishes that the legal proposal makes it mandatory to identify the blood group from the moment of birth, through typing and that the data is recorded in the books of Civil Registry.

There are initiatives that deserve support. And this is one of them.

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