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We all come into the world to leave one day. We don’t know when or how. The only real legacy we leave to others is the good we do.

That will be a memory credential with which we will have to remain fixed in the imaginary of the community with which we relate.

Every day someone dies. For sickness. By age. Due to various circumstances. And each departure hurts us when the one who leaves is a well-known….and loved one.

This is the case that we have today: The week that has just ended, just in which the 24th International Book Fair of Santo Domingo began, to which he attended so many times, from which he raised his voice in defense of booksellers, in the which presented his work as a book publisher and seller, left hours after the National and International Book Day was commemorated.

Dennis Adalberto Pena Rodriguez

Dr. Dennis Adalberto Peña Rodríguez, president of the Dominican Association of Booksellers and the Chamber of Books, and until the time of his death, in charge of the National Network of Public Libraries, of the Pedro Henríquez Ureña National Library.

In addition to being the voice of the booksellers, their fight for books and reading, Dennis Peña was an earthly angel capable of infinitely lavishing love, service and solidarity on those around them.

Uninterested in material things, Dr. Dennis Pena traced a line of service to his colleagues, and developed a special brotherhood with Yacqueline Díaz López and María Luisa Trejo.

He maintained a critical attitude towards the excessive egos of power. Generous, he knew how to part with his own assets and resources, for the benefit of his colleagues, family and friends.

The most significant thing about Dennis Peña was his attitude as a wise and constant adviser. He could see the best way to create the conditions for his human environment to live and work in the best possible way.

Aspiring to eternal rest for your soul will not be enough. He will be aware of how his fellow booksellers are doing at the Book Fair, and he will think about how the book will have been spread and sold in his own booth, that of Asodolibro, which is attended by the same booksellers he cared for and loved.

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