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Anita Pastor was the first Dominican international artist. She is the most unforgivable oblivion in the history of Dominican vocal art, including cultural authorities of all governments, historians of popular art. We learned about it through a TV documentary by Video Cine Palau, broadcast by the Camino Real program.

Anita Pastor She was born on November 30, 1904. She expired on February 27, 1987, in Santiago. She was a lyrical soprano.

In Europe, Anita Pastor studied dance, acting and singing. She spoke five languages. She performed in Belgium, Germany, Egypt (the Kit Kat theater, before King Farouk), Rome before the French Legion of Honor (with Charles De Gaulle in the front row) and toured many countries in America.

Anita Pastor

His son, George Lama, is emphatic: “No one was first. Nobody was better. No one went further.
Anita Pastor in Spain was a star for almost 20 years. Country in which she was honored by the Count of Catalonia, Don Juan de Borbón, father of the former King of Spain Juan Carlos de Borbón and grandfather of the current King of Spain.

In Santiago there was a proposal to name the lobby of the Gran Teatro Regional de Santiago after him, but his two children, George and Nancy, executors of his legacy and who maintain a kind of private museum with documentation and personal belongings, considered that recognition that deserves must be national.

In Santiago it has only been recognized, years ago, by the Club Activo 20-30, the Spanish colony that produced a special act to a full house and the La Cotorra Awards.

In this case, fortunately, after dispelling the trail of ignorance to which she herself indirectly contributed by refusing to record albums, there is time to place her memory in a worthy place.

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