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Lindsay Lohan revisited her iconic Mean Girl moments and more during a Who What Wear shoot. Pic credit: © Trupp/StarMaxWorldwide

Lindsay Lohan walked down memory lane in a gorgeous gown as her comeback tour was in full swing, thanks to her new Netflix movie.

The Mean Girls actress just dropped her first of two films as part of a Netflix deal, and she has graced the covers of magazines while promoting the romantic comedy. She also made a few notable press appearances, like Good Morning America and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

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As Lindsay showed off her healthy glow, she did an interview with Who What Wear to accompany a photo shoot with the publication.

Lindsay looked terrific as she tried on a few holiday-themed looks with a lot of lace and glitter. She also revisited a few moments from the past, including the iconic line from Mean Girls, “On Wednesdays, we wear pink.”

Lindsay shared a snippet from the interview on her Instagram page for her 11.7 million followers on the platform.

Lindsay began the clip with an introduction while seated in a black strapless dress.

Lindsay Lohan talks Mean Girls fashion with Who What Wear

The video showed Lindsay striking a pose in a sheer dress with a pink fur coat on top. The next part of the montage showed Lindsay at a dinner table full of American holiday treats, wearing a pink tulle outfit with sparkles, a plunging neckline, and off-the-shoulder sleeves. The dress was equal parts glamour and glitter, which Lindsay rocked to perfection.

She explained that her favorite outfit from Mean Girls was the “ex-wife” look she wore to her first high school Halloween party. At the party, Lindsay’s character Cady learned that Halloween in high school was not a time to dress scarily.

Lindsay also discussed her Just My Luck wardrobe and a Balenciaga gown which got torn off as part of the film’s plot.

Whether gracing movie screens or posing for a shoot, Lindsay has always shown incredible style.

Lindsay Lohan’s deal with Netflix

Although Lindsay signed a two-picture deal with streaming giant Netflix last year, only one movie, Falling For Christmas, has come out yet, and that happened last week.

Lindsay’s second movie, Irish Wish, finished filming earlier this year.

Lindsay talked about her film and expressed a desire to star in a Marvel film during a Forbes interview and a feature with Who What Wear. 

She explained, “The one thing that I haven’t done that I’d really love to do is enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That’s my dream.”

Time will tell if Lindsay gets her Irish Wish.

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