Linn da Quebrada says she was expelled from church and exposes situation

Alongside the members of the comadres, Naiara Azevedo and Jessilane, the rapper Linn da Quebrada vented about a recent upheaval he experienced while recording the music video “Prayer”, in partnership with singer Urias. According to the former BBB, the police expelled her from the church.

“I was crying, friend. The policeman went there to kick us out! Seriously, friend! It will still appear. They kicked us out. We had to record all of this in an hour. I got kicked out, friend,” she said. “How tragic, huh. I thought it was the emotion of the music”, commented the sertaneja.

Afterwards, the member of the cabin group of the BBB22 dShe found out that the place was abandoned, and was expelled along with all her transvestite friends out of sheer prejudice.

“I was expelled because I was a lot of transvestites. We went there and cleaned it up. It was an abandoned church. They [policiais] They said, ‘You can only stay here for an hour.’ They’re all transvestites! The police car drove away, so we won. Debauchery is our weapon, Naiara”, he revealed.


One of the favorite participants of the BBB, Linn da Quebrada was eliminated in the final stretch of the reality and received tributes from several celebrities on social networks. In this case, the actress Carolina Dieckmann was one of the well-known admirers of the public who wrote a beautiful text for the singer.

“Beautiful howling! You were my favorite in what was the first BBB I followed. The one they say is very ‘peace and love’. And maybe that’s exactly why I’m here talking about him… that he had a transvestite who changed a lot. That ushered in a new way to correct. Which was sweet even when it was firm. Who shouted beautifully and made our country understand that being SHE is for anyone who wants to. And you have to respect yourself…”, he said.

Another famous figure who lamented the elimination of the actress was Xuxa. “Lina, Linn, Linda. There are a lot of people crazy to see you shine! Come on, it’s going to be f*da! You deserve! This Brazil too. Man… How I wish she had made it to the top 5. I didn’t like the attitude of putting the boys on the wall, but I believed she would realize that she was wrong, that she should have played with her heart there too. Wow, I was really sad too… I hope she understands what led to her leaving. That she really should have been more Lina, more high-spirited… like she always was,” she admitted.

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