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This farewell is forever: Lisa-Marie, who knew the fans of “Hartz und Herzen” as a resident of the Benz barracks in Mannheim, suddenly died at the age of 16. The RTLZWEI broadcaster made the tragic death public.

Since 2016, the residents of the Benz barracks in Mannheim, the prefab housing estate in Bitterfeld-Wolfen, the railway housing estate in Duisburg or the Rostock-Groß Klein block have been real TV stars: they are the protagonists of the social documentary “Hartz und cordial”. Characters from social hotspots have long since become dear to the hearts of the fans. But now there is a dark shadow Grief over the Benz barracks in Manheim: Lisa-Marie, known to the “Hartz und cordial” fans from several episodes, died at the age of only 16.

Lisa-Marie from “Hartz und Herzen” is dead: the star of the social documentary died at the age of 16

The sudden death in the Benz barracks was made public by the RTLZWEI broadcaster, which has had “Hartz und Herzen” successfully on TV for years. in one Instagram-Post the death of Lisa-Marie was announced. “It was with dismay that we learned from Mannheim today that Lisa-Marie from “Hartz und Herzen” died unexpectedly,” says the wording of the virtual obituary. “Our deepest sympathy goes to their parents Marina and Florian and their siblings. We wish the family strength and support in these difficult times,” continues RTLZWEI.

Lisa-Marie from the Benz Barracks is dead: What did the “Hartz and Warm” darling die of at the age of only 16?

No information was given in the post about the cause of death of the young people, but “Hartz und Herzen” fans knew from episodes that had already been broadcast that Lisa-Marie had health problems. For example, the teenager was diagnosed with diabetes – but it was unclear whether the diabetes had anything to do with the premature death of the RTLZWEI darling.

Fans paralyzed after death shock: “Hartz but heartily” community cries for Lisa-Marie

What remains with the “Hartz and warm” audience after Lisa-Marie’s sudden death is disbelief and deep sadness at the loss. “Such a young girl, how can something like that happen, she still had her whole life ahead of her,” writes one viewer, another added, “I wish the family a lot of strength for the coming time, my sincere condolences. Such a pain shouldn’t feel a mother/father’s heart, I’m incredibly sorry. Rest in peace dear Lisa-Marie and take good care of your parents and siblings from up there”. Other comments expressed words like “What a bitter and unbelievable pain this loss must be for the parents, unbelievably torn from life at this young age” or “It’s so mean, grew up in financial distress, experienced nothing big in life and then passed away so young… Rest In Peace!” express their sadness and sympathy for the bereaved.

Sad farewell for “Hartz and warmly” fans: These TV favorites have already died

Lisa-Marie is not the first “Hartz and heartily” darling that the RTLZWEI fans have to say goodbye to. At the end of June 2022 it became known that Gudrun from the Benz barracks died at the age of 62, died at the end of 2021 Peter from Duren and Dagmar from Mannheim two reality documentary stars. Also no longer alive Sailor Kowalskiin whose life in Rostock the “Hartz but heartily” fans took a lively interest.

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