Lola Marois (Plus belle la vie): “Ariane is not heard as she should be”

For the first time at the center of a Plus belle la vie plot, Ariane could finally put an end to Jacob’s murderous journey. Monday to Friday at 8:20 p.m. on France 3.

At the police station, Ariane is the only one to have understood that the new murders are the work of Jacob and not of an imitator. Yet she is not listened to. Does she suffer from being a woman in a man’s world?

Lola Marois: Ariane has this part of masculinity that allows her to stand up to her colleagues. But it’s true that being the only woman in the police station, she is not always heard as she should be.

Ariane was no longer in a relationship for a long time….

My character attaches great importance to aesthetics. I was surprised by the authors’ decision to put me with a man who is not at all in Ariane’s style. She will be caught at her own game, discover faults in Lombard that resonate in her.

How did you experience filming this plot?

It’s been quite a complex arc for me to play. We were often in sets where it was very cold. I injured myself twice. Once in the neck in a stunt with Jacob and another time in the ankle in a chase. I am currently in a brace.

In five years, your character has gone from a racist cop to one of the most beloved characters by fans of PBLV. What is your view on this development?

At first, having an Algerian mother, I was apprehensive about playing this character, the opposite of who I am. Over the years, Ariane has become adored by the public. I see it in the street and on the networks.

How do you live the probable end of the series?

I am quite a defeatist by nature. I always tend to see things in the dark. When I heard the rumours, I thought it was over. We are in the dark, without precise information. We are preparing for the end of the series. Personally, I like the change but I would be very sad to leave this character to whom I gave a lot (this interview was conducted before the formalization of the end of the series – Editor’s note).

And Jean-Marie Bigard, your husband, how does he experience the love story between Ariane and Lombard?

He knows he married an actress and it’s not the first time he’s seen me kiss boys. But strangely, he is quite jealous. He tries not to look too much. He laughs about it but sometimes it annoys him.


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