Kevin Costner at Yellowstone

The Lord of the Rings films are around 9 hours long in theatrical release and are still the gold standard for terrific screen fantasy. Hollywood veteran Kevin Costner (Yellowstone) wants to create something similar for the Western genre. But against his 11-hour megalomania project horizon Peter Jackson’s trilogy looks almost small.

Lord of the Rings for the western genre: Kevin Costner directs an 11-hour mega-epic

Opposite to Variety the actor explained four films of 2 hours and 45 minutes wanting to shoot over a whopping 220 days. They should be at intervals of “about three months” to be released. Costner also explained that later a split into one-hour series episodes is possible. He calls the project a “TV movie event“.

Kevin Costner at Yellowstone

Horizon is intended to tell the story of various settlers in the Wild West over 15 years and at the same time pay special attention to the female characters.In ‘Horizon’ the women are really strong. They’re just trying to get by every day in a world that’s unimaginably harsh“, said the actor.

When and where will Kevin Costner’s western epics be released?

The first of the four films is scheduled to be shot in autumn 2022, the remaining three from April 2023. At three-month intervals publication before 2024 is not expected. According to Costner, a streaming start is likely.

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